Store Formats

SPAR operates a multi-format retail strategy, allowing SPAR Partners to adjust their retail proposition to meet specific customer needs in different markets. The SPAR Express, SPAR Supermarket and SPAR Hypermarket formats are constantly modernised and updated to ensure the best possible shopping experience for SPAR customers the world over.

SPAR Express

SPAR Express is our format designed for local neighbourhoods in both urban and rural areas or high footfall transit locations such as city centres.

It provides shoppers with everything they need on a daily basis. With a sales area of between 200 to 700m2, SPAR Express is ideal for smaller sized retail locations.

The SPAR Express assortment is focused towards the convenience shopper looking for food on the go or to top up their weekly shop from the larger supermarkets. The SPAR Express format provides shoppers with everything they need when they need it.

SPAR Supermarket

SPAR Supermarket is our larger supermarket format and is aimed at weekly family shopping needs.

SPAR Supermarkets have a retail sales area of between 700 to 2,000m2 and are found in in both urban and rural areas where space permits a large supermarket.

The larger sales floor allows for a full service assortment that is both large and varied in fresh foods, groceries and non-foods, but can also include a strong Food-to-Go offer.

SPAR Hypermarket

The SPAR Hypermarket is the largest SPAR format with a sales area in excess of 2,000m2.

It is focused on being a one-stop shop with the largest selection in both food and non-food items.

The wide choice and parking facilities makes SPAR Supermarket the preferred choice for the weekend shopping trip.