Health & Nutrition

Health and nutrition are two issues high up on our agenda at SPAR. We are strong believers in the need to provide consumers with good quality products and the relevant nutritional information to ensure a balanced, healthy diet. Our focus on nutrition further compliments the SPAR initiatives targeted at exercise, promoting a healthy lifestyle and fighting malnutrition.


SPAR’s commitment to promoting healthy eating has seen improvements for consumers in fresh foods as well as dry foods. Around the globe, various SPAR initiatives have focused on working better with suppliers and diversifying the food portfolio.

In this way, SPAR provides customers with access to fresher products and where possible options to choose healthier alternatives. SPAR has set out a clear strategy for offering customers organic products, natural products, and products for shoppers with food intolerances.


In addition to our focus on healthy eating, SPAR recognises the benefits of exercise and as such, our sponsorship of sport is another key part of our business. Partnerships between SPAR retailers, local schools and sports clubs reflects the importance SPAR places on promoting exercise in many local communities.

Support from SPAR comes in many forms including, volunteering time, instore fundraising activities, the provision of sports equipment and financial assistance.