Our Supply Chain Initiatives

The supply chain is at the heart of the retail industry and as a global retail business with a key role to play in reducing the impact of CO2 emissions and energy waste, SPAR is adapting its supply chain operations.

Many SPAR Partners have already taken steps to reduce the environmental impacts of their operations – implementing the latest, energy-saving innovations in their Distribution Centres (DCs) and in turn, in their stores. Further positive impacts have been achieved through close co-operation with preferred suppliers, who offer environmentally-friendly retail solutions.

At SPAR, we strive to reduce our environmental footprint whilst still providing our customers with the excellent service and quality they expect.

CO2 Emission Reduction

With SPAR Partners operating stores, warehouses and DCs, we have a responsibility to reduce our CO2 emissions across the full supply chain. In terms of logistics, opportunities have arisen for optimising the efficiency of our transport and resource collection processes thanks to the continuous adaptation and implementation of new innovations, which help to reduce CO2 emissions.

Some SPAR Partners have also started implementing sustainable initiatives in building designs and processes, integrating sustainable and efficient technologies and materials.

Energy Reduction

SPAR’s commitment extends beyond CO2 emission reduction, looking at minimising the consumption of energy and the reduction of energy waste. Across the globe, SPAR Partners adopt energy-saving equipment in stores and in the warehouse.

Ranging from innovative refrigeration and lighting solutions to solar panel installations, SPAR is continuously looking to further integrate sustainable solutions in its operations.