Our responsible retailing strategy

As a food retailer present in more than 40 countries around the world, SPAR is committed to adding value to the communities in which we operate.

At SPAR, we strive to deliver outstanding service and excellent product offerings, whilst simultaneously working towards social and environmental prosperity for all. As a global brand, we recognise our responsibility in helping to tackle and negotiate the challenges faced by our customers and communities around the world. This sense of responsibility lies at the heart of the SPAR strategy, that we are ‘Better Together’.

Our Better Together strategy can be traced back to our roots when in 1932, the SPAR Brand was founded on the principle of joint cooperation between wholesalers and retailers. Similarly, our Responsible Retailing initiatives today are designed and executed by our various SPAR Partners, whom we are proud to call our SPAR family.

As our SPAR Partners face different challenges across the globe, they have the power to drive their own initiatives in the communities they serve. As a global business, we aim to tailor our business strategy and priorities to make real and tangible changes for local communities.

Unique opportunities for knowledge sharing and collaboration have arisen, allowing SPAR to address local challenges that have a global impact. Following this strategy, SPAR has developed partnerships with organisations such as the Global Alliance for Improvement in Nutrition (GAIN), the Amsterdam Initiative against Malnutrition (AIM), and the European Athletics Championships.

Our Focus

 SPAR is currently focused on six key areas that are fundamental to the role we can play as an international food retailer. Our commitments and initiatives across the world, whilst tailored to community specific needs, are largely focused on health, sourcing, community, environment, supply chain and are all linked to our people.