SPAR Natural: For Health and Wellness

Health conscious consumers are increasingly turning to supermarkets and local convenience stores to meet their day-to-day health needs. Tapping into this growing market is the pioneering new concept, SPAR Natural, which breaks new ground in the area of Health & Wellness, offering a holistic approach to customers seeking.

SPAR Natural provides health and wellness solutions for three specific customer needs: Those who have special dietary requirements or food intolerances, those who have made lifestyle choices and changed their eating habits, such as vegetarians or vegans, and those who simply wish to eat more healthily. First launched on the island Gran Canarias of Spain in 2017 as a stand-alone store, more and more SPAR Partners across our network are starting to implement the concept in store as a shop-in-shop category solution, recognizing the opportunity that SPAR Natural offers. Store roll-out began in June 2018 and feedback from the retailers to date has been extremely positive with customers expressing enthusiasm in the product offering, concept design and messaging, which utilizes natural materials, colors and in store signage with a motivational tone that compliments SPAR’s brand proposition.

Following in the steps of countries like Italy, Oman and India, SPAR South Africa has now also started rolling out the concept across its store network, with SPAR Natural currently available in six regions and 30 stores nationwide. The SPAR Partner chose to adopt the concept due to the growing health and wellness trend in the country, with an increasing number of consumers seeking alternatives for their specialized health needs.

“Health and Wellness has become an everyday occurrence in South Africa with a growing number of people trying to educate themselves on how to eat and live healthier lives,” said Riccardo Afeltra of Athol SPAR in Johannesburg, one of the first retailers to launch the concept.

Customers can now shop within the category with ease, finding niche products that they could previously only find in specialized health stores and pharmacies. The SPAR distribution network is constantly growing the product range and retailers regularly ask customers for feedback on which products they like best and which additional products they’d like to find in store. SPAR Cyprus embarrassing this idea will have SPAR natural series until the end of April satisfying in this way the most demanding consumers. 8 April 2019